My First Art Collection

I’ve purchased four pieces of art in my lifetime. A tiny exquisite pencil drawing of an egg, a beautiful Tom Hoffman watercolor of clouds, a dramatic larger than life Jeremias Lentini sculpture of a hand, and an oil painting from Ashley Johnson titled The Forest Knows Where You Are. So I’ve purchased: a pencil drawing, a watercolor, a sculpture, and an oil painting. Hmm. 

On the surface, these selections may seem random. But one thing binds them together. This: I had a visceral emotional reaction when I first saw them. I felt inspired by each of them immediately. Now, it may have been for different reasons. But the feeling was based on what I first saw, the impression it gave me, and I had the same emotion of giddy excitement. I felt eager, like I "just had to have it.” I’m glad I purchased them and still enjoy them today.

I think a passionate heart-felt response to artwork is important if you are wanting to collect artwork to enjoy in your home or office. Because you will see it each day. Liking something is fine if it is temporary. Yet loving a piece of art is so much better for the long run. I never tire of looking at the four pieces of art I’ve purchased. It has made me wonder might I add to the collection in the future? I’m excited to find out.